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Money is a story. Let's make it better.


Using a currency inherently supports the story that backs it. Current money is minted by extraction -- fiat by debt and Bitcoin by mining.

PEACH tokens are birthed by value creation -- by contributing to psychedelic education, advocacy, & community healing. Using this currency intrinsically helps build a psychedelic-positive future.

Saving humanity is a team sport.


Today, nonprofits in a movement compete for a relatively scarce amount of philanthropic dollars.

In the PEACH model, abundant compensation is available for creating value, now in a cooperative game for the same story. If PEACH token catches on, we all win.

Please steal our work.


This model can be replicated for any number of other causes, from ocean cleanup to racial justice.


In the near future, numerous currencies are tied to many visions. We can all shape the world by deciding which values-aligned currencies we accept.




*subject to change




Points & Rewards



The PEACH economy is seeded by widely giving away tokens as gifts in acknowledgement for contributions and participation.

PEACH tokens are redeemable for rewards -- like credit cards points -- through partners. Rather than giving money, people and organizations can contribute to the cause by accepting PEACH tokens.

Over time, more people and businesses accept PEACH tokens. It begins with intra-community exchange like events and art. Eventually, PEACH tokens buy basic needs from supporters who want to feed and house the people doing this work.



It's going to take a village to co-create this.

There's a lot to figure out, including governance, programming, and transitioning into a currency.

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